Filuet Group


NHT Global



"Our company has been doing business with Filuet over the past two decades. Throughout that time, Filuet has been a trusted and reliable partner. They take a "can do" attitude into each project, consistently finding solutions which best support our Distributors' needs, while meeting all our corporate requirements.
I can say that in each case, they have exceeded my expectations in the quality of management and execution of detail for each of the projects we have collaborated on.
It is rare to find companies that truly fit the description of a "business partner". Filuet is one of those companies. We have tremendous respect for their ability to deliver against their word and we have found that Filuet shows the same level of respect to our Distributors and to our company's mission and values."

Tom Harms, Vice President, Strategic Planning

NHT Global

"Filuet has been a strategic business partner for us in the development of our Russian and CIS markets. They have provided outstanding warehouse and logistics support to ensure our products reach our Russian consumers quickly and affordably.
Beyond these capabilities, their consultation and deep understanding of this complicated business region has allowed us to grow quickly without much start up investment and continuously improve and expand our product and service offering to our members."

Scott Davidson, CFO


"Our product is sold in 92 countries all over the world and we work with many logistics service providers. Through our vast experience, we have found Filuet to be the one that really stands out from the crowd as the true "solutions" based company. Their innovative operational approach coupled with their unique range of services makes Filuet the only choice when looking to procure the services of a third party."

Charlie Smith, COO