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There are two things that regularly measure success in retail: income per-square-foot and client benefit. Retail Kiosks just so happen to be stellar at both! 

Automated Shop

"The "Endless Path". 

Filuet Automation gives retailers the advantage of an "endless path." This idea implies that prominent, high-turnover stock can be put on the business floor, and less prevalent – however gainful – stock can be "put away" in the kiosks for clients to peruse. The possibility of the " endless path," as established through a little kiosk.

We provide brands the unique opportunity to control their customer’s entire shopping experience. Retail kiosk customers can get access to more than 100,000 products in retailer's stock, and if an item is not in stock at the customer's region, the kiosk can direct the customer to another store, or empower the customer to purchase the product from the kiosk and have it conveyed. 

Customers Love Retail Kiosks. 

Automated Retail can significantly upgrade consumer loyalty through enhanced client benefit and shorter hold up times. Kiosks are astounding at helping clients and require no preparation. Your clients will have their necessities tended to rapidly and effortlessly without the additional cost of keeping up a vast human client benefit staff.


Happy Customers

Retailers are seeing expanded ROI (return of investment) using retail kiosks, yet what do customers think? A current research found that customers pick retail kiosks for the accompanying reasons:

· 72% observe them to be more profitable  

· 55% use them when there is a line at the clerks

· 13% needed to keep their trade private

· 12% did not want to interface with clerks

· 20% of Millennials did not want communicate with clerks

In view of this study, retailers can enhance client bliss by sending retail kiosks in their physical areas.

The Omni-Channel Benefit.

One additional thing about the "endless path" is customization. In cases which distinctive products are apportioned, retailers can add a particular unit on the shop floor, and if a customer needs to change it, he can do so by ordering online. This merge among physical retail and web business, is typically referred to as Omni-channel retailing and has been considered to have value on a retailer's essential concern, the ROI (return of investment).

Filuet Automation, offers a large HD touchscreen, real-time monitoring & alerts, creates a bridge between cash, offline & e-commerce, 24/7 open shop and a click and collect point for online purchase.


Egor Pavlikhin, (General Manager, ASC)